And then came the butterflies...

September 20, 2016

Felicity + Dan

Returning to the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts for this wedding was a special gift.  Felicity, the bride, is like a sister to me.  And Dan, her partner, is a wonderful light that I was beyond excited to meet. These two were glowing and I was honored to be a part of the day. Then there was the location - the Montague Retreat Center in the heart of the Pioneer Valley.  Hard to describe how amazing this part of the world is, but lets just say that true magic resides there.

It is not easy task to photograph a wedding of someone you know and love because the emotions are hard to hide.  I always get emotional at weddings because they are such perfect expressions of love - but I can often hold back the tears.  For a wedding like this, there was no holding back.  My mascara ran.  My auto focus went ON because I could not see from all the cries.  My face got puffy.  It happened and I did not care.  It was worth it because it was that special.

Just when I thought my eye liner was safe from smudge...the monarchs came. They flew out of a book that Felicity held and they danced around her like fairies.  She released them in honor of her beautiful mother Patty, who had passed several years ago.  These butterflies pulled the tears out of us all.  We all watched while Patty showed us that her soul was present and she gracefully wished the couple well.  I knew she would not have missed this day for anything.